Member Welcome

Welcome page for new and renewing members.

Member Welcome
Photo by Marissa Daeger / Unsplash

Congratulations! You are officially a full fledged member of Fresno Area Pickleball. Your membership will auto-renew every 12 months. If you have an additional familiar member to add, let us know and we'll send them a special link to register.

Have an extra family member to add? They will need to create their own account on this website. Point them back to this website and advise them to sign up for the 'Additional Family Member' option.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at [email protected].

Onboarding Instructions

Here are some helpful tips to navigate online and make the most of your membership (and this website):

  1. No password required! The first time you login, the system will send you an email that you will need to click on see member-only content and change your membership status. After you login once, it should remember you until you login from a new location. Note: it can take 1-2 minutes for the email to arrive.
  2. If you don't see an email from us ([email protected]), be sure to check your spam filter. It can help to add our email to your address book.

We are so happy to have you join us for what we hope is a rewarding journey of friendship and fitness. Don't hesitate to reach out with suggestions and if we can do anything to make your experience more rewarding.